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Besttalentshows.com is a Virtual Journal, specialized on Talent Shows , dedicated to publish the best videos from the world Talent Shows. This Website was criated for those who loves Talent Shows and takes a long time searching for the best videos on Youtube.

Our goal is to minimize and optimize the search of videos of the four best talent shows in the world: The X Factor, The Voice, Got Talent and Idols. These four Talent Shows were chosen by public vote from our users.

BTS also chose the most famous countries where these shows are presented and now you can watch every performance from USA, UK and Australia's contestants.

Our purpose is to provide our users the most rated videos on the internet quickly and easily. On BTS you can choose a Show, a Country, an Artist, a Phase of certain show, the Year and Season.

You can also select the best auditions, the most emotional videos, the funniest, the most incredible videos and put them all to play.

BTS is also dedicated for those who wants to watch internet on TV, with your SmartTV or with you AppleTV. On BTS you can choose your preferences and put all the videos you like to play. BTS will help you to search also the videos per country, per year, per phase, or just the auditions. Technology on BTS provides you an easy way to bring just the best videos from what you chose.

All pictures and videos used on Best Talent Shows were voted and chosen by the public as the best ones published on the internet. There is no marketing or commercial adds where the pictures are used. Our intention is to provide fans a tool to facilitate follow up videos of your favorite show posted on Youtube.

BTS is not a commercial website and all the videos access are free. We also don’t use the images for any commercial interest. BTS is made ​​by fans for fans of the best talent shows in the world.

Vote on your best talent show videos, choose your favorite videos and enjoy BTS.

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